G.A.P.'s mission is to be a collaborative, community-based organization which supports people in difficulty by identifying issues, resources and providing timely solutions in the Greater Gravenhurst Area. 


  • to assist in the reduction of poverty within the greater Gravenhurst community

  • to work in partnership with individuals, community, corporate and service-based organizations in a conciliar manner 

  • to be a grassroots directed organization which listens deeply and responds to those most affected by poverty 

  • to have a particular focus on food service and production at present; but with a long-term goal of creating a community center where a broader scope of poverty related issues may be addressed 

  • to facilitate development and establishment of food security programs within Gravenhurst, with a focus on a supplementary food bank 

  • coordination of food programs within the town of Gravenhurst boundaries to ensure the needs of the community are met

  • it is understood the funds for the present time, will be administered through the Gravenhurst Rotary Club and that a governance structure is in place to assist with leadership, decision making and accountability of the funds and programming 

  • to act as an advocate for poverty issues within the greater Gravenhurst area

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