Volunteer or Donate in-kind 

If you wish to volunteer your time with us please contact us at gravenhurstagainstpoverty@gmail.com or 705-641-2225

Lots of opportunities...

Purchasing groceries, helping prepare lunches, setting up tables, handing out fruits and veggies.... Clearing tables, we are looking for a minute taker for our meetings as well. 

We will also need volunteers for our G.A.P. gardens! 

Call - and we can see what works best for you!

Volunteers on Tuesdays share a meal with our guests at lunch...opportunities to meet new people!

Volunteers on Thursdays make a meal and clean up as well as

help give out fresh fruits and veggies to those who need them!

We also need people to be involved with planting the gardens, and weeding/watering/harvesting.

OR  - If you would like to purchase new fresh fruits or vegetables

(or you grow your own and have extra) 

We will gladly take any in good condition!!! 

Drop them off at Trinity United Church Tuesday or Thursday mornings.... and we will give them out! 

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